A cute Bad Boy enters the 2020 Australian Animal Christmas Ornament Range...

Let me introduce one of the other new comers to the 2020 Australian Animal Christmas Ornament.

And probably my favorite because he is a super cutie and has a bit of a bad boy attitude Lol... shhh... don't tell the others...

The Tasmanian devil, classified as endangered, gets its name from its high-pitch squeal and is renowned for fighting over access to animal carcases, which it grinds with the bone-crushing force of its jaws.

The Tasmanian Devil ornament is a cute little guy with an appetite for Santa's Hat.

He is hand sculpted with the highest quality polymer clay, with 2020 stamped on the back of him, held up with a ribbon hanger.

He will be available to pre order this Thursday 8th October 6pm AEST in the 2020 Australian Animal Christmas Ornament set or individually.

Limited quantities available.

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or www.instagram.com/enchanted_items_by_naomi

Find more about the Tasmanian Devil here https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-54417343

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