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April Enchanted Newsletter -Easter Egg hunt Giveaway and Terracotta Essential oil diffuser tutorial

Hi There!

Oops, I missed last month's Enchanted Newsletter... Sorry about that... it's been a whirlwind of activity here. With personal stuff, like helping my mum pack and move house, then a run of isolation with my daughter coming down with the dreaded Covid, then everyone in the household coming down with it.

As for Enchanted Items, it's been steadily getting busy for me as I am taking a leap of faith and joining a collective of artisans in a local store (to be open at the end of the month). So busily making stock to fill... although I am anxious about this new adventure, I am excited too! I will keep you posted about the location and opening day.

This month in my studio...

As I mentioned, I am busily making stock for the new collective store... and this has been taken a far chunk of studio time because everything I make is hand-sculpted and I am a bit of a perfectionist lol. But have to admit I am loving hiding away sculpting away with the fairies...

I have also been making cute bunny earrings and they have been multiplying in my studio! Ones with cute cottontails and even Gnomes with bunny ears have made an appearance! You can still get yourself a pair of these earrings over at my made it store at the link below...

While I am thinking of it... Who loves Easter Egg hunts?

Made It Australian Village Market is hosting a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

A chance to win a prize valued at over $870!

Head over to and click on the banner, see some of the prizes then follow the instructions to search for the hidden eggs in the participating businesses.

Enchanted Items has donated two Easter items for this giveaway so you WILL find one hidden egg there somewhere in my shop! Hint - you will find the easter eggs easier on your PC computer.

I am also excited to share with you all, the wholesale order that I mentioned in the last Newsletter... That I have some beautiful Boho Flower statement earrings available now over at Dearest Lips.

These Boho Flower Ladies are hand sculpted statement earrings, that will definitely be noticed. Each petal and leaf is sculpted and placed in the lady’s hair to make each pair unique. She will shimmer slightly when the light hits her to make her beauty shine.

Glaoza from Dearest Lips creates the most amazing lip balms and what makes them even better!?! The outer packaging is made from ethically sourced cork that is Home compostable or recyclable, including the tape used to seal the tubes. Love for you to check out her website and have a peek at the earring and her lip balm.

The Enchanted Items VIP Facebook group link is below

You can contact me via my socials


I have finished another month's tutorial for called Terracotta Essential Oil Diffuser.

I had fun creating these oil diffusers with a different type of clay. I used a Terracotta Air Dry Clay I found in Bunnings Warehouse (instead of polymer clay). Which I have to admit took me a little getting used to, getting my hands a little dirty with this type of clay.

I do love natural-looking textures and patterns... so when I received this Monstera Leaf texture sheet from Creat Along, I just had to use it and have a play with it.

You can find my tutorial at this link below

You can find previous Free polymer clay tutorials over at in my blog or over at

Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoy a glimpse into my little world...

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