Enchanted Newsletter - April release - Fairy House Trinket Jars

Hi There!

Well another month has flown past... and I sit here trying to think what has happened this month... A lot, but not a lot of Enchanted items related. As some of you may know my Son has been unwell with appendicitis, with a long stay in the hospital recovering, back 5 weeks later again complaining of pain with another over night stay, now waiting on the removal of the appendix... which is very soon. As a mum you always worry... and I have been a little over protective with him Lol.

We have just come out of a 3 Day lock down here in Perth, which was a good excuse to spend some time with my children and do some around the house jobs, like decluttering of the tool Shed and Garage (at my amazing husbands reluctance).

Just remembered it is a super full moon tonight! How cool this that! A pink one! I guess that's why I have been extra jittery the last couple of days... wanting to get stuff done, the odd jobs needing to be finished. I will be putting out my crystals out tonight to recharge.

This month in my studio... I have had chances to work in my studio thank goodness, it's my therapy, my chance to unwind, get away from the every day life (no offence to my family lol).

I have been sculpting a few Fairy House Trinket Jars especially Tooth Fairy ones. I find these so adorable and addictive to make. As my children are older now and I am pretty sure all their baby teeth are already with the Tooth Fairy... I get excited thinking about other children's experiences of placing their tooth into one of Enchanted Items Tooth Fairy Mushroom Houses... the magic, wonder and excitement they may have on their faces.

Just love 'Keeping the magic alive' for them...

I have just listed some Fairy Houses in my store today. Ranging from Tooth Fairy Mushroom Houses to even a Witches Cottage!

You can find my shop at this link below


Above photo is of The Witches Cottage - as I was writing this newsletter it sold. So now I am doing a Happy Dance with excitement to see this cottage go to its new home.

In saying that, I am taking custom orders for fairy doors and fairy houses, so if you don't spot a particular colour/theme house or door that you want, please feel free to message me. I enjoy creating special one of a kind fairy doors to what your imagination comes up with... well within reason and ability lol. I do enjoy working with my customers to create some magic for them.

If you would like your every own fairy door/house created especially for you, please feel free to message me either on my facebook page or my instagram page. Love to create something magical for you!

Tutorials and release dates...

Working on some tutorial ideas at the moment... unfortunately I can't share them just yet... well... hmmm okay then...I will share a little LOL. In the photo below is a work in process of tutorial of a bangle, I am working on at the moment... I will keep you posted!

Remember you can see more Behind-the-scenes over at Enchanted Items VIP group


You can always find previous FREE Tutorials over on my Blog or over at CreateAlong.com

As some of you are aware... I am part of the 2021 Polymer Clay Adventure An online event, showcasing polymer clay tutorials from artists around the world. My Fairy Swing tutorial is now released.

To find out more and join please follow this link below


Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoy a glimpse into my little world...

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