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Enchanted Newsletter - August 2021 - Halloween Fairy Garden Sets

Hi There!

Spring is almost here! So excited for the warmer months... I have already started seen signs of Spring in my garden. With flower blooms, blooming earlier this year, it is a great time to start thinking of creating your very own fairy garden. I have finally started to create my own little potted fairy garden for my front door. I am no expert in gardening but I do try, with lots of trial and errors, and unfortunately some casualties along the way.

My little fairy garden is not finished, I have plans to add items as I sculpt them. I have given new life to my 30 year old Fairy figurine that I have had since childhood, by giving her a good clean, fresh coat of paint, sealant and not to forget a new set of wings, as she has lost hers along the way.

I have also sculpted some traditional red and white mushrooms to add around the little garden, to tie in the fairy figurines mushroom that she is sitting on. The plan is to make a Fairy Door to match but I am undecided which direction I want to take the door... a wood land Fairy Door or a mushroom style fairy house with a little door.... Oh the decisions...

It has been tough for you all in the Eastern states and I am feeling for you all and it reminds me how very grateful I am for living in Western Australia. I can imagine it has been hard on everyone in lock down especially on the children. I received this message last week and it brought tears to my eyes... it reminded me why I continue to create fairy garden accessories... to keep the magic alive especially in these hard times.

"My daughter told me yesterday "I just don't think there is any magic in the world." She is only 4!

Sydney is pretty devoid of magic right now but I was devastated, I cried all evening. So, the fairies came last night and left two tiny yellow flowers in a pot outside. She spent all day planting and rearranging her new garden, picking flowers and herbs to feed the fairies, filling up containers with water for them to swim in, and she thinks she will know when they come because they will leave magic dust. I'm pretty grateful to have something beautiful she can enjoy while we're stuck at home. Thank you."

~ Written by a wonderful mum customer

This month in my studio...

I have been keeping myself busy with all sorts of projects… as usual I have had number of projects on the go... I have just completed two custom Tooth Fairy Mushroom sculpture scenes and these are my favourite sculpts this month.

They are heading to their new home ow and wait with great trepidation, as with most custom orders I send out... unfortunately I suffer from self dough and always worry if the customer is not going to like the piece. Anyway just have to stop thinking that way... I guess it is the perfectionist in me.

This month has been a busy one with the release of the mushroom dangle earrings. I have really enjoyed creating them and so please you have too! I have only a few left in store...

You can find the link to my store here

This month creating in my studio will be all about Halloween! I know it's an American holiday... but it is becoming popular here and it is a bit of spooky fun! And If you know me I do love dressing up with my kids for a bit of fun.

My kids and I last Halloween. My husband loves Halloween too if you can tell... He decorated our WHOLE house outside with cobwebs and spiders! even the car lol!

So on my studio table as I type is mini pumpkins in the making and lots of glow in the dark mushrooms! I am putting together little spooky Halloween Fairy Garden kits. These will be really and available in store mid September! Limited supply... So keep an eye out! Super excited for these!

Below you can find some Halloween Fairy Garden inspiration from the very talented Sophie from Mini Fairy Garden. The last few Halloweens she has created amazing spooky little gardens incorporating some Enchanted Items pumpkins, mushrooms and ghosts.

2020 Halloween mini garden by Sophie

Can you spot the Enchanted Items pumpkins and ghosts?

You can see more of her work here on Mini Fairy Garden by Sophie social links below -

Still open for custom orders! As Christmas is less than 4 months away (crazy thinking about it I know...), it is best to get in early, as the silly season does get silly and limited spots are available. If you have a particular colour/theme house or door that you want, please feel free to message me. I enjoy creating special one of a kind fairy doors to what your imagination comes up with... well within reason and ability lol. Please feel free to message me either on my facebook page or my instagram page. Love to create something magical for you!

You can contact me via my socials


I am excited to share my latest Polymer clay tutorial as part of the Create Along Design Team... called Liquid Marble Earrings.

This set of earrings are made using Sculpey Liquid clay into circle molds from shop. This tutorial makes for a quick and easy pair of earrings to go with your little black dress in the evening.

You can find this tutorial and others over at this link below.

You can always find previous FREE Tutorials over on my Blog or over at

I am sure you know lol... just so proud and honoured to be part of the 2021 Polymer Clay Adventure

These classes will be finishing soon and this will be the last year for the Polymer Clay Adventure... so best to get these amazing tutorials while available at the link below.

Showcasing polymer clay tutorials from artists around the world.

To find out more and join please follow this link below:

Next month...

New Halloween Fairy Garden sets will be available in mid September. Included in these sets will be Glow in the Dark Mushrooms, pumpkins and even little bats!

Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoy a glimpse into my little world...

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