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Enchanted Newsletter - February 2022 - Magical Moon Moth Earring Tutorial

Hi There!

Well, I have to admit this year is already flying past... I guess, the busier I get (not just with business stuff) it feels like less time I get things done and I wonder where the time and days go... Do you feel the same way?

Being a mum and running a small artisan business can be like a juggling act that I am, even after all these years still working it out... Lol.

This month in my studio...

I have a few projects on the go... I think I am like most crafters... too many ideas projects half started and not enough time in the day to get them all done.

I have been enjoying creating some crystal mushroom pot plant Guardians, these may have been popping up on your socials (well I hope so). They have been popular and I am planning to make some more with different crystals clusters on the side of the stem. They truly look magical in a pot plant even on their own, it adds a little bit of magic and wonder to a potted plant. Remember most Enchanted Items can be used indoors and outdoors areas, a bit of water doesn't harm them.

I also have opened up for custom orders... I have been working on a couple of them, over the last couple of weeks, including an Australian Wattle themed Fairy door with a stain glass effect window. This Fairy door has rekindled my love of creating one-of-a-kind Fairy doors...

If you would like a custom piece designed and made please feel free to contact me via my socials or email at

Here is a shop link to make a deposit to secure your custom spot below

In amongst my other projects, I have been working on a wholesale order, which I am really excited about... can't tell you any details yet... But I will keep you posted when I can. This is a really exciting next step for my little business and me, as this is my first official wholesale order. It's already been a learning curve, in the way of needing to be a little bit more organised with my time and planning ahead with supply materials to make the items for the order. But I am willing to learn these things and put plans in place for them.

The photo above is a hint of what the wholesale order is...

Like always I will be sharing snippets of behind the scenes and first glances of this wholesale order over at my Enchanted Items VIP Facebook page.

The Enchanted Items VIP Facebook group link is below

You can find the link to my store here

You can contact me via my socials


I have finished a video tutorial and have submitted it to

More details to coming soon, so keep a lookout for them in March. (For a hint of what I am teaching is there in the photo below).

If you don't already know I am part of the design team and each month I write a tutorial using the Create Along products. I believe I have been working with this USA based company for a few years now and it's opened up different opportunities for me... In aspects that I wouldn't have thought I would delve into, to push my creative outlet to the next level, like recording video tutorials. I am an artist that is very self-critical of herself/and her work and unfortunately lacks confidence and has visits from the self-doubt monster... Thank goodness for my supportive family that snaps me out of it. I have started to be more mindful of showing this to my children because I do want them to have confidence in themselves and believe they can do anything they put their mind to. So this is why I push myself out of my comfort zone and show them... just wish it would come easier for me to "put yourself out there"...

Anyway, I do truly hope you enjoy my tutorials.

You can find my latest tutorial called Magical Moon Moth Earrings at this link

I use the Moths & Moonbeams Deco Discs and mica powder to create these earrings.

You can find previous Free polymer clay tutorials over at in my blog or over at

Next month...

You will see what I haven't been able to share with you today... like the wholesale order and the video tutorial, I have been working on... It has been so hard not to tell you all!

My plan is to make more mushrooms and hopefully work on some new Fairy Doors... but you never know what the faeries might bring to distract me...

Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoy a glimpse into my little world...

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