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Enchanted Newsletter - July 2021 Crescent Moon Hanger tutorial

Hi there!

Thank you for the birthday wishes last week... It was a lovely day spent with my family and was spoilt, with lunch out with my hubby in Perth City (a fancy place called Balthazar). The rest of the day was spent with my kids and my mum. One of my favourite homemade cooked meals made by my mum for dinner. Love that it was low key and very chilled out...

Turning 40 for me was a little strange because I really don't feel 40 (well some days, I do if I don't get enough sleep lol)... It is just another day and another number... Still feel like I am in my early 30s and I that's what I am sticking with lol, until my daughter reminds me and says, 'Wow! Mum you are 40!?!'

Me, the Birthday Girl and Family

I also wanted to say a big thank you to my customers that made purchases on my birthday sale. I am so grateful and did a fairy happy dance while packing them up to send to you...

This month in my studio...

I have been keeping myself busy with all sorts of projects… As usual I have had a number of projects on the go... And throw in the school holidays always make it fun too. So lots of night time sculpting on my studio tray.

Here is a glimpse of my studio tray that I use in my lounge room...

Can you spot my cheetah print purple PJs? LOL

I ran a couple of classes over the school holidays with the 3 young ladies from 3 Little Mystics. I was showing them how to finish off their jewellery pieces, with jewellery findings and how to sealant to ensure their polymer clay surface treatments didn't come off etc.

My star sign is Cancer and this star sign is ruled by the Moon, so I have been finding myself very influenced by the moon phases... I even catch myself getting a little moody with my emotions and realise it is a full moon lol.

Lately I have been even influenced by the moon in my polymer clay too... I have been making Crescent Moon Earrings and even created a tutorial using crescent moon shaped cutters and silkscreen (see above photo).

You can still find some Crescent Moon Earrings available on my online store and I'm planning to make more in the next week or two.

A pair of Crescent moon earrings that have now sold but planning to create more soon. But you can find other Crescent moon earrings in store now.

I have been busy in the studio... Also creating new Fairy Garden kits! With all sorts of coloured mushrooms and critters. I have even been having fun using glow in the dark clay and making funky glow in the dark mushrooms! These mushrooms are so fun and adds extra magic at night with their glow... these even can help keep the goblins away with their light and guide the fairies home (even when they have had too many champagnes at the fairy queens' parties).

These mushrooms are so fun and adds extra magic at night with their glow... these even can help keep the Goblins away with their light and guide the Fairies home (even when they have had too many champagnes at the Queen Fairies Party).

New Fairy Garden sets will be available in my online shop early August.

If you have any colour mushroom suggestions or set combination of products you would like to see in the sets... Love to hear from you!

You can contact me via my socials:

Keep those customer photos coming in! Love receiving customer photos and seeing their wonderful Fairy gardens. But best of all is seeing their smiles!

Still open for custom orders! As Christmas is less than 6 months away (crazy thinking about it I know), it is best to get in early; the silly season does get silly. If you have a particular colour/theme house or door that you want, please feel free to message me. I enjoy creating special one of a kind fairy doors to what your imagination comes up with... well within reason and ability lol.

Please feel free to message me either on my facebook page or my instagram page. Love to create something magical for you!


Here is a tutorial for the crafty moon babies out there...

I am excited to share my latest polymer clay tutorial as part of the Create Along Design Team... The Crescent Moon Hanger.

This Crescent Moon Hanger has a lot of magic and sparkle from using Mica powders and the Moon Dreams Silkscreen design on the crescent moon cut outs, all from the shop.

You can find this tutorial and others over at this link below:

You can always find previous FREE Tutorials over on my Blog or over at

I am sure you know lol... just so proud and honoured to be part of the 2021 Polymer Clay Adventure

An online all year round event, showcasing polymer clay tutorials from artists around the world. My Fairy Swing tutorial is released.

To find out more and join please follow this link below:

Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoy a glimpse into my little world...

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