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Enchanted Newsletter July Edition - Funky Mushroom Earring Tutorial

Hi There!

How is everyone holding up this Winter? I can't complain about the cold here in Perth Western Australia, because it truly doesn't get as cold as some States... this is coming from someone who used to live in South Victoria, where you had to scrap the frost off your car windows in the morning to be able to see to drive. Anyway... I am finally feeling better and slowly getting back into the swing of things. The flu/covid really knocked me down. It's been two weeks and I am still finding myself coughing in the evenings or when the cold air hits. My husband and kids ended up with it too, but are now on the mend. So really nothing has been happening here, everything came to a halt when we all got sick. We just hid away and watched heaps of TV. I binged watched a lot of the TV series, The Crown on Netflix. I was surprised that I liked it because it's not really my genre, that is usually Zombies and Reality TV. (Sorry to say LOL! don't judge it is my vice.)

This month in my studio...

Well, as some of you know and are following me on my Enchanted Items VIP page. I swapped rooms with my daughter. I did a room make-over for her 13th Birthday, so she got the larger room, freshly painted and a big double bed... to welcome her into her Teen years. (LOL! She has been acting like a teen since she was 5 years old with her sassy personality).

Currently, I am still working out and shuffling around things in the new studio, but the clay table area is set up and ready to go.

A sneak peek of my studio clay area... A work in progress. But at least I can work on some clay projects.

I have just finished a new Fairy Door, which is currently available on my online store, waiting to go to a new home. This new style door was a fun one to create, with the silhouette fairies in the background of the doorway. The plan is to create some more styles of these in different colours.

I have also found some time to create Fairy Garden Sets. These have been on my list to remake for ages, I managed to make the components to create them again. Now listed in my online shop. Some sets are available too at the Cat & Moon Alchemy Collective store in Secret Harbour Shopping Center, Western Australia.

One of my favourite Fairy garden sets that are available on my online store... How cute are those little caterpillars. These make fun pets for the Fairies and won't eat your pretty garden.

A glimpse of the Cat and Moon Alchemy Collective store, located in Secret Harbour Shopping Center, Western Australia.

Who loves Christmas? Yes, I said the C word LOL... I have been working on Enchanted items for Christmas in July, which is fun! Always love Christmas and what a good excuse to create Christmas items early...

Well, it is only 5 months away... and this time for handmaidens always goes so quickly. It feels like I am never prepared enough.

I have some Christmas goodies available in store now!

Find these cute little Elf Christmas Fairy doors on my online shop

Don't forget to use the discount promo code! (12days)

I was part of a wonderful handmade Facebook group, that showcases Christmas goodies 'The Handmade 12 Days of Christmas'.

I have a special discount of 12% off storewide until the 30th of July 2022, just use the promo code '12days' at the checkout on my online shop. This discount is not valid for custom orders.

A beautiful review from one of my regular customers... Always so grateful for my customers and their reviews/feedback. It reminds me why I create and continue because running a small handmade business can be tough at times.

'Love it! We have many pieces of Naomi’s work in our home, so absolutely will be back to buy more. Ordering, communication, delivery were all great as always, she’s a very talented artist who clearly loves what she does and we love her for it because we get to have her creations in our home! Thanks again Naomi, will be ordering again soon xxoo' - Bec

Shop link:

Contact me via my socials:


I have created a fun, funky tutorial this month as part of the Design Team. As you know I am crazy for mushrooms... and I managed to get hold of the funky and cool 'Mushroom soup' silkscreen from! These 'Funky Mushroom Earrings' have a retro feel from the colours and cutters I used. I don't know if you know of the funky, retro mushroom-style back in the 70s but I am obsessed with it and it is making a comeback... SIDE NOTE... I was not born in the 70s. LOL! Just in case you thought I was from that era.

You can find how to create this pair of earrings on the following link below

Next month...

I am hoping to finish off and settle into my new studio (see progress photos below of my studio). Lots more reshuffling needs to be done, well I should declutter. As I type this, I giggle to myself and say AS IF! LOL! I can't be the only one that hoards craft supplies and can I?

Thank you so much and hope you enjoy a glimpse into my little world...

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