Enchanted Newsletter - May 2021 - New product release, discount code and FREE polymer clay tutorial.

Hi There!

Well another month has flown past... I do find myself saying that a lot lately but as I sit here thinking about what's been happening this month, I do wonder...

Thank you for the well wishes for my son. He finally had his appendix removal surgery just 3 weeks ago. He is back to his healthy self now and expected to join in school sports (which I think he is happy about, he is not a sporty kid lol... I guess he was finding it very boring sitting on the side lines).

I have been busy doing house projects at the moment. I have painted the kids' play room and made it a bit more grown up for the kids. We are now calling the Games room, because I have been told it's a bit babyish now to call it the 'play' room.

Is it sad to be excited about updating a laundry? Well I did! We are doing a simple upgrade of our dreaded laundry area, with the installation of over- head cupboards and a bench top, Thanks to Bunning's flat kits and bits, and my amazing husband for installing it. Our old laundry area was not great, it had no storage and was open for everyone to see (couldn't even close a door to hide it). The next job is to title a splash back and maybe do something about the horrible floor tiles but that might have to wait as it would be out of our budget. Just happy and grateful that we could do those little changes...

Oh and I can't forget to mention a big THANK YOU to my mum who purchased me a new washing machine (She will be reading this LOL)! She said it was about time that I got a new one, because the old washing machine used to shake that much it would dance along the floor.

This month in my studio... I have been working on a number of projects... it has been all about Tooth Fairy houses and now starting back into creating Fairy garden sets, that I haven't made since the Christmas Fairy Garden Baubles and forgot how much fun they were to make.

The Fairy Garden sets are a fun way to start a little Fairy garden or as an add on to an existing one. They will contain the popular Fairy garden mushrooms, a set of 3 little critters, flowers, stepping stones and pebbles. I have a few sets in store now - limited quantities are available. Don't forget 90% of the Fairy goodies in these sets are hand sculpted and not one set is the same... which makes them extra magical!

I am planing to expand the range of sets contents to include fences and bridges etc.

Love to hear your suggestion too! Message me or post them in the Enchanted Items VIP Facebook group.


I have also just listed a few new Enchanted Items including a Fairy Door called the 'Mushroom Forest Fairy Door'.

This Fairy door is for the fans of mushrooms, with it's Fairytale Red and White-spotted (Fly agaric/Amanita) mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms growing on the side and a centre silver mushroom door piece.

And added today also are 3 Tooth Fairy Mushroom Houses in new colours ~ fuchsia pink, wisteria and a light blue.

As a Thank you to you, my subscribers here is a discount code for 10% off storewide!

Valid until the 30th June 2021.

You can find my shop at this link below


Still open for custom orders for fairy doors and fairy houses, so if you don't spot a particular colour/theme house or door that you want, please feel free to message me. I enjoy creating special one of a kind fairy doors to what your imagination comes up with... well within reason and ability lol.

Please feel free to message me either on my facebook page or my instagram page. Love to create something magical for you!

Tutorials and release dates...

It was announced last week and have the honour again, of working with Create Along as part of their design team. So you will see a tutorial each from me each month using the Createalong.com amazing products.

This months tutorial is the Gatsby Shimmer earrings and oh what a sparkle and shimmer they have on them.

Find this tutorial at the link below


You can always find previous FREE Tutorials over on my Blog or over at CreateAlong.com

As some of you are aware... I am part of the 2021 Polymer Clay Adventure An online all year round event, showcasing polymer clay tutorials from artists around the world. My Fairy Swing tutorial is released.

To find out more and join please follow this link below


Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoy a glimpse into my little world...

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