Happy Easter Holidays!

What's happening in my little magical world...

Hi There! Getting in early... with wishing you all a Happy and Safe Easter Holidays! I wanted to send out a newsletter today before I go away for the long weekend. Really looking forward to just getting out, exploring little towns and their beautiful gift shops and nature around. I am particularly looking forward to visiting the town of Cowaramup aka Cowtown! There are cow statues all around the quaint little town, a yummy bakery with amazing pies and my favourite shop Moon Heaven, where you can get gorgeous smelling oils and soaps, made in store. https://moonhaven.com.au/ My children are looking forward to visiting the Cow Lolly shop... I wonder why LOL. This month in my studio... I have been keeping myself busy creating some new fairy doors with lots of colour and extra magic! My favourite so far is the Blue Luna Door, with its sparkle blue entrance way, silver mushrooms and the Triple Moon symbol as the centre door piece. This door is available now over at this link https://madeit.com.au/Main/Item?itemId=1507926

Please feel free to share any colour or theme suggestions for fairy doors that you would like to see! I always love hearing from you! You can do this by emailing me or by jumping over to my Facebook pages... www.facebook.com/enchanteditemsbynaomi https://www.facebook.com/groups/2113868722161920/ In saying that, I am taking custom orders for fairy doors. I enjoy creating special one of a kind fairy doors to what your imagination comes up with... well within reason and ability lol. I do enjoy working with my customers to create some magic for them. I recently created a Rainbow Fairy Door with a Bridge. I hadn't created a bridge before, but I am so pleased that I tried and am happy with the results. (See photo below). The customer even asked if I could have a little padlock on the bridge to match the key on the door... such a cute idea! If you would like your every own fairy door created especially for you, please feel free to message me either on my facebook page or my instagram page. Love to create something magical for you! Or if you are wanting a magical fairy door now... Just follow this link :) https://madeit.com.au/Main/Store?userid=144450 Tutorials and release dates... As some of you are aware... I am part of the 2021 Polymer Clay Adventure. The Fairy Swing tutorial is now released! To find out more and join please follow this link below http://gumroad.com/a/789116019 This adventure consists of online Polymer Clay tutorials from 24 amazing artists from around the world. This adventure makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a crafty person that wants to learn fun techniques with polymer clay. I received the 2020 Polymer Clay Adventure as a gift and it was the best gift... not only did I learn new techniques, I joined their online community, where you can find support and extra guidance from teachers and others in the group. The Createalong.com Design Team... I have written a few tutorials as part of the design team... Which I am very excited to share them with you! You can find the Hummingbird Earring tutorial now at this link https://createalong.com/.../spring-is-coming-you-can-make...

and The latest tutorial, the Butterfly long drop Earrings at this link https://createalong.disciplemedia.com/

These earrings scream spring time! They are great for the Northern hemisphere creators... but lucky here in Australia (well in Perth), that the weather seems to be still lovely with the sun still shinning and warm, we had a 30 degree Celsius day today. If you are after some Easter crafts, I have a few cute Easter wearable accessories tutorials available An adorable Easter Bunny Hair Clip https://enchanteditems.wixsite.com/enchanteditems/post/easter-bunny-hair-clip-tutorial

Pastel Easter Egg Earrings


These tutorials are using Makin's Clay® but you can use any Polymer Clay.

Happy creating and again hope you have a lovely Easter Break!

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