I Scream for Ice Cream! Summer Holiday Earring Tutorial

Summertime Icecream Earrings

Well, Summer has truly hit us in Australia… Hot lazy days at the Pool and Beach have been a must to cool off… and of course, Ice Cream is always a favourite thing to eat on a hot Summers Day.

These Summertime Icecream Earrings are a bit of fun to wear on these outings.


Makin’s Clay® - White clay and Brown

Makin's Clay® Roller or Clay Machine

Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat

Makin's Clay® 3 Piece Set - Ice Cream Cone

Makin's Clay® Texture Sheet B - Screen

Makin's Clay® Clay Tool Set - Chisel

Clay Blade

Tacky glue

POSCA pens - Yellow, Pink and Light Blue (can use Sharpie pens)

Jump rings and Earring Hooks

Jewellery pliers


Roll out your Makin's Clay® Brown to the thickest setting on your clay machine, then Lightly dust, dusting powder (cornstarch) over the clay. Place the Makin's Clay® Texture Sheet Set B - Screen on top of the clay, using your fingers press and roll over the texture sheet, pressing the impression into the clay.

Cut two Ice Cream Cones, using the smallest Makin's Clay® Ice Cream Cone out of the set of 3.

Roll out your Makin's Clay® White to setting number 3, middle setting on your clay machine. Using the smallest Ice Cream Cone cutter again, cut out two shapes, then cut the Ice Cream tops off.

Place the white Ice Cream tops on top of the brown textured Ice Cream shapes.

Texture the bottom of white Ice Cream tops and around the sides with a small balling tool, this gives a look of scooped ice cream. Using the Makin's Clay® Clay Pointed tool, place a hole at the top, threading through one side, then the other side, for the jump ring.

Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Once dry. Use the POSCA pens, add little lines randomly with different colours, to represent sprinkles on top of the Ice cream.

Add Jump rings and if you wish, thread a red bead through the jump ring, to represent a cherry on top of the Ice cream. Add earring hooks to finish.

Hope you enjoy this fun earring tutorial…

Enjoy wearing these on a Summers Day, while eating an Ice Cream...

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