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Make cute Snowman Earrings to get you into the Festive spirit...

These cuties were made in 2019 as part of the Makins Clay design team... and wanted to share how I made them with you! Hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Melting Snowman Earrings

Here in Australia, our Christmases are in summer and usually very hot! So I decided to make fun and cheeky earrings to wear at the Festive catch-ups and events on, leading up to Christmas…

I sure do think these earrings make a fun talking piece at these events.


Makin’s Clay® - Black, white clay and a tiny amount of leaf green and red

Makin's Clay® Roller or Clay Machine

Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat

Makin's Clay® Texture Sheet Set C - Weave

Makin's Clay® Clay Tool Set - Chisel

Clay Blade

Circle cutter 3cm diameter

Circle cutter 2cm diameter

Square cutter 1.5cm

Thin rectangle 2cm long x 0.5cm wide

Tacky glue

Posca pens - Black, orange, brown and red (can use Sharpie pens)

Jewellery findings


Roll out your Makin's Clay® white to the thickest setting on your clay machine, then cut two, 3cm circles and two, 2 cm circles. Smooth edges of the circle with your fingertips. Lay them to the side.

Roll out your Makin's Clay® Black to the thickest setting on your clay machine then cut two 1.5 squares and two 2cm long x 0.5cm wide rectangle, (if you don’t have a cutter to do this, you can cut the clay into strips to make this shape).

Smooth edges of these with your fingertips.

Cut the quarter circles into the larger circle using the 2cm circle cutter.

Lay the small 2cm circle clay into the cutout section slightly overlapping the larger circle, use tacky glue to attach them.

Then cut the 1.5cm square into the small circle head section of the snowman.

Lay the black square into the cutout section overlapping the small circle head, use tacky glue to attach them.

Using the tacky glue again, attach the strip of black clay onto the edge of the square, making the brim of the Snowman’s Hat.

Flatten the overall snowman slightly with your fingertips.

Roll tiny teardrops of leaf green clay for the leaves. Place these onto the hat, off to the side with tacky glue and press down with the sharp edge of the chisel to make a leaf vain indent.

Roll tiny red clay balls for the holly berries and place them on top of the leaves using tacky glue.

Set aside and allow to dry for 24 hours.

This next step is optional

Roll out your Makin's Clay® black to 3rd thinnest setting on your clay machine. Lightly dust dusting powder (cornstarch) over the clay. Place the Makin's Clay® Texture Sheet Set C - Weave on top of the clay; using your fingers press and roll over the texture sheet, pressing the impression into the clay. Does not have to be a perfect impression right around, it is to give an organic feel.

Adhere the texture sheet on the back of the snowmen with some Tacky Glue, trim excess with a clay knife then smooth edges with your fingertips. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Using the POSCA pens draw the snowman’s face and body.

Place holes using the Pin Vice Drill (if already haven’t) drill holes in towards the top of his hat. To finish the earrings off, attach jump rings to the hat then hook, Earring hooks to make these into dangle earrings.

Or glue earring posts to the back of his hat to make into stud earrings.

Hope you have fun making these quirky Snowmen Earrings.

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