Make your own Santa hat Earrings!

I made these cute Santa Hat earrings last Christmas (2019) as part of the Makins Clay Design team. And wanted to share with you all, how to make these for this Festive season!

Santa Hat Earrings

With Christmas almost here, I had to make some Santa Hat Earrings.

I enjoy making festive earrings to wear, and these will be fun to wear on Christmas Day.


Makin’s Clay® - Red and White clay

Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat

Makin's Clay® Clay Tool Set - Chisel

Small balling tool

Clay Blade

Eye pins

Tacky glue

Earring Jewellery hooks


Roll Makin's Clay® Red clay into a thin sausage log and cut in half. Flatten the bottom of one side of the log and pinch/roll the other side, into a point. Do this to both small logs.

If you want the Santa hats dropping to one side, bend the point to one side. You can do this by using the Chisel to cut into one side, halfway up slightly to help bend it over. If you want the pointed Santa hat then just leave it as is.

Thread through an eyelet through each hat.

Roll Makin's Clay® white clay into two little balls for the Santa’s pom-pom, place them on the tip of the hat using tacky glue. Using the balling tool texture all over the pom-pom, to give it a fluffy look to it.

Roll Makin's Clay® white clay into thin snakes and wrap it around the base of the hat, attaching it using tacky glue. Using the balling tool texture all over the white base, to give it a fluffy look to it.

To finish the earrings off, hook eye pins and attach jump rings to the hat. Then hook in earrings to make these into dangle earrings. Alternatively, if you didn’t put eye pins in, screw some self screwing eye pins in, then hook earring hooks in.

Hope you have Merry Christmas!

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