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The new Enchanted Items earring range is available now!

So excited for you to see all the new Enchanted Items earrings... There is cute little gnome earrings that hopefully have been popping up on your social news feed... if not my Facebook and Instagram links are below. Love for you to follow me! Your support means a lot to this small handmade business!

Here is a glimpse of some of the Gnomes in the making...

Just love adding their little details... look at how tiny their boots are!

Can't get enough of their cuteness!

They sure do make me smile while making them!

You will also find some new metal jewellery pieces including Fairy wings and fairy circle earrings.

These will bring a little Fairy magic to your wardrobe...

Does anything catch your attention?

What's you favourite pair?

Find these and more over at the Enchanted Items shop

Follow me over at

Your support means so much!

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